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Ultimate Traction recovery board with steel plugs and storage bag

Ultimate Traction recovery board with steel plugs and storage bag

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  • UV resistant polyethylene recovery boards with steel plugs and storage bag.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 20,000 lbs (10 T)
  • Includes 2 recovery boards and storage bag
  • Comes with spare steel plugs

Experience superior off-road traction with the Ultimate Traction Recovery Board. These UV-resistant polyethylene recovery boards are specifically designed to handle challenging terrains and provide maximum traction when you need it most. With their robust construction and steel plugs, they offer exceptional durability and strength to withstand heavy loads and intense recovery operations.

The boards have a maximum weight capacity of 20,000 lbs (10 tons), making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles and recovery scenarios. Whether you're stuck in mud, sand, or snow, these recovery boards provide the necessary grip to help you regain traction and get back on track.

For added convenience, the Ultimate Traction Recovery Board comes with a storage bag, allowing you to keep them neatly organized and easily transport them wherever your off-road adventures take you. Upgrade your recovery gear with the Ultimate Traction Recovery Board and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable solution to overcome challenging off-road conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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John Wilson
Buy Them!!

I live in Maine and have a cabin on a remote lake, 10 miles from the nearest road and no cell phone coverage. Yesterday I attempted to drive in in my 4 wheel drive pickup. I got in about 8 miles and got myself good an stuck in the mud. My truck doesn't have a winch but thankfully I had remembered to bring the recovery boards. They did a great job getting me out and saved me from a long hike out and what would have been a hefty towing bill.

Unfortunately I managed to crack the side of one of the boards (possibly due to my incorrect placement?). I spoke to the folks at Mojab this morning and they agreed to ship me out a new board at no cost.

Buy a set of these recovery boards! Buy them from Mojab!


Too slick, no significant traction in mud when shoved underneath tire(s) with minimal ramping situation (meaning pretty much on very low angle grade) to overcome.
The product quality is very good and built tough but unfortunately just didn't work for me or my situation.

Nathan Rodriguez

I picked up the boards at Trail Hero and I am absolutely blown away! These boards offer the best traction.

John C.

These boards are absolute lifesavers! They've pulled me out of some gnarly situations. Great quality.

Ben Hill
Ultimate Grip

These recovery boards from Mojab are an absolute must-have . The steel plugs are a genius addition! I've used these boards to get out of some seriously sticky situations, and they didn't disappoint!

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